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What is Deconstructionizm?

by Debbie Butler

Deconstructionizm and Practice

Hi there, my name is Deborah Butler. I work with my husband in Martin Butler’s Dark Way deconstructionizm practice; it’s all about reprogramming yourself from your conditioning that doesn’t work for you.

Debbie Butler

Learned Behaviour

You've lived a lifetime of learned behavior, which you’ve had over the years since you've been a child.

As children, we learn to survive, we use various techniques, we may become people-pleasers, we may become scapegoats, we may become proud, strong, bullying, and many other things.

However, although these behavior patterns worked for us as children, as adults, they no longer work.

Deconstructionizm of Conditioning

Because of the conditional patterns that don’t work anymore, people are drinking too much, smoking too much, taking antidepressants, having anxiety attacks, and also feeling suicidal.

When life becomes too much, you need an escape, and that’s how we cope with it.

However, we don’t address the main problem, which is that life is not a happy playground. We need strategies for coping with life that will replace our delusion. In the past, we often went into a fantasy world where we could pretend that life was wonderful.

The only problem with this is that one day we come crashing down, and when this happens, we have very few ways of dealing with it.

The one thing we do try to do is annihilate ourselves. We do this through the methods I’d mentioned before: drugs, distractions, extra ones like keeping yourself busy, and developing things like religions.

And yet, we never really address the main problem that is staring us in the face. We are unhappy.


Deconstructionizm Practice

This work I do with Martin and some of my colleagues addresses the fantasy and stares the reality of the situation square in the face.

We work with you and help you understand the reality of life and the chronic situation.

On the face of it, it may seem highly pessimistic and very negative to some, yet I would argue that the people who try to paint over existence with white paint are the pessimistic ones.

If you're sick of annihilating yourself and trying to paint over reality with fantasies, then contact me and we can discuss this work.

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