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Deconstructing Your Conditioning

by Debbie Butler

Most people are not interested in learning about themselves or the world. This kind of conduct doesn’t help them get closer to achieving the goals that society views as desirable. These people are not always happy, but happiness is frequently traded in favour of success, notoriety, influence, and convention.

Success and achievement require a belief that an individual can achieve his or her desires. I would suggest that a belief in the ability to achieve desires is also required to achieve success because if you do not believe you can do something, you will surely not even try.

A successful life, socially speaking, is one where all the social markers are in place: a respectable job, a good education, a pretty wife, kids and dogs. And anything outside of that must be done quietly.

It is in this quiet that we address you now. Others are less content to live an unexamined life, and they start to wonder what it all means, what the point of life is, why people suffer, and even why there is something rather than nothing.

Deconstructionizm is a discipline devoted to understanding the truth of our existence and how we can most effectively navigate life. In order to return to what is genuine, we deconstruct the beliefs and conditioning we have absorbed from people around us.

This art frequently goes against tradition and even the laws of nature. Being a contributing member of society is not something we are especially interested in doing.

Adapting to a damaged society and becoming well-adjusted is not a virtue. The main difficulty in deconstructing conditioning is that often, we have no idea where to start. We have seen conditioning everywhere: in the media, in politics, and in our own lives.

We see it used by others to get what they want, but never consider how it is being used on us. When we interact with people, we accept their ways of looking at the world instead of questioning them. When people are sceptical of things we say, we are quickly put in our place. We assume that the ways in which we see things are the best ways of seeing them. 

We have been conditioned to believe that the world can only exist in a black and white way. Everything is either true or it is not true. Truths are absolute, and as such, they do not change with time unless they were proved to be false somewhere along their history.

Yet, the only truth available is how you feel right now. Either you are in pleasure or pain. In other words, truth is exclusive to whatever is happening right now.
Since the truth of what is happening right now is temporary and since we do not know what will come, we are conditioned to believe in things that are not true. The idea of absolute truths becomes a kind of addiction that must be fixed before our life has any meaning.

Deconstructionizm provides us with the means of looking at everything from every angle until it makes sense. We deconstruct our conditioning by taking a close look at how it is working on us. When we come to understand that life has no meaning at all, this will free us to appreciate what we have because material things are all that matter.

The world has no meaning, and if it does it can only be found in the form of what you feel right now. By doing this, the meaning of anything becomes shallow and superficial. We are able to see the superficiality without being drawn into its destructive illusionary power.

We are not arguing against having goals or even hopes and dreams; rather, we are asking you to examine these things as closely as possible.

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