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Welcome to the Algarve

Welcome to Portugal, I hope you are already enjoying the weather and smells of the local area.

You will have flown over sea and seen some magnificent beaches, and now you have landed and stand, confused, at the airport. Be confused no longer, because here is the information you need to get to the Vila.

If you have any problems in finding the vila, note down my phone number now. It is +351 911113614

Taxi / Uber / Bolt

If you have Uber, they hang around the airport like flies. There is a designated Taxi rank directly outside the airport. It’s advisable to get a price beforehand as taxis can be expensive here, especially for tourists. The instructions to give them is to go to Corotelo near Sao Bras de Alportel. The vila is on the M1306 from Corotelo to Gorjoes and the track is on the left hand side at the top of the hill. 


If you want to catch the bus from the airport, get the 118 to Loule, then the 90 to Sao Bras de Alportel and get off at Corotelo / Sao Romao. From the bus stop you have a 2km walk to the Vila via Corotelo.
Vamus buses serve this area. The nearest bus stop is by the Corotelo Café, but that only runs at 7am and 7pm. If you want to get a bus to a main town or city, you need to walk 2km to the main N270 road. There is a bus stop by Ze Dias. The 90 bus travels between Loule and Sao Bras. From there you can explore other locations.

Car Hire

There are many car hire companies at the airport, all well advertised. 

One that has been recommended to me is AutoRent:

Auto Rent - Algarve Car Hire

I will include companies as I get further recommendations of car rentals that hire cars direct from Faro airport.



If driving, head out on the main road (N125) and stay on it to the Faro / Sao Bras de Alportel exit (N2). At the roundabout, take the 3rd turning towards S.B. Alportel (N2) and follow that road for 5.3 km. At the roundabout, take the 1st turn (N2) towards S. Bras de Alportel / Estoi. You will see the signpost for Estoi / MARF/ Sta Barbara Nexe / S. B. Alportel there.
From here, follow the N2 to Sao Bras de Alportel. The route is scenic, but winds a lot so be careful. This road is around 7-8 km long. When you reach the roundabout in Sao Bras De Alportel, you will see a petrol station on the left. The roundabout is on a junction between the N2 and the R270. Take the third turn towards Loule. Follow this road for 3.5km. On this road, you will pass two roundabouts, keep heading for Loule. On the last stretch of the road, you will see a turning to the left with a red & beige house on.
Pass this road and slow down as your turning is next left (EM523), signposted Corotelo / Bordeira. Take this road until you get to the Corotelo Café (around 1km). At the junction of Corotelo Café, turn right towards Gorjoes / Fonte de Murta. You will pass by the front of Corotelo Café. Follow this road (EM1306) for around 1km until you get to a right turn with the house name ‘Casa Bavaria’ and number 30 in yellow on the corner. Turn left up the road in front of Casa Bavaria (With a yellow sign 31-33 on the wall and an arrow pointing to Casa Corina. The road narrows to a single carriage. 
If you are bringing, or renting, a car and can walk 1km, it would be useful to us if you would park by Corotelo Café after you have dropped off your things. We believe the Vila only has room for 3-4 cars and we need to keep one of those places free for ingoing and outgoing. I am not sure how many people will have cars, so until we know, this would be easiest for us.
After locating the road, you will find Quinta Das Estrelas on the left after around 200m along a track. Welcome!
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How does Deconstruction help?

Deconstruction aids in dismantling the artificial social conditioning you have gained as a result of social conditioning. The process by which people are shaped by the societal standards, values, and beliefs present in their surroundings is known as social conditioning. This conditioning may have a significant influence on a person's personality, behaviors, and even thoughts, making them more likely to conform to social norms than to embrace who they really are. In order to rediscover one's true self, deconstruction of social conditioning entails tearing down these deeply ingrained societal attitudes and beliefs.
Social conditioning is the process by which individuals are molded by the societal norms, values, and beliefs that exist within their environment. This conditioning can have a profound impact on a person's thoughts, behaviors, and even their identity, leading them to conform to societal expectations rather than embracing their true selves. Deconstruction of social conditioning involves breaking down these ingrained societal beliefs and attitudes to rediscover one's authentic self.
The process of deconstruction can be a challenging one, as it requires individuals to question the beliefs and assumptions that have been ingrained within them from an early age. This can involve examining the messages that they have received from family, friends, and society at large and identifying which of these are genuinely their own beliefs and values.
As individuals begin to break down the layers of social conditioning, they may find that they start to shed old beliefs and habits that are no longer serving them. They may also begin to discover new aspects of themselves that they had previously suppressed or ignored due to societal expectations.
This process of deconstruction can be a transformative one, allowing individuals to connect with their essential self, the true nature of their being. By breaking free from the constraints of societal conditioning, individuals can discover a greater sense of freedom, authenticity, and self-expression.
As individuals become more attuned to their authentic selves, they may find that they start to make choices that are in alignment with their true nature, rather than simply conforming to societal norms. This can lead to a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose, as individuals are no longer living their lives according to external expectations but are instead guided by their own inner wisdom and intuition.
In conclusion, the deconstruction of social conditioning is a powerful process that can bring individuals back to their essential selves. By breaking down the layers of societal beliefs and expectations, individuals can rediscover their true nature and live more authentic, fulfilling lives. It may be a challenging journey, but the rewards are immeasurable.
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